Litecoin MimbleWimble December Recap Update




This update was written and provided by Litecoin MimbleWimble lead developer David Burkett.


Taproot Release

The first release candidate of v0.21 with taproot support (v0.21.1rc1) is now available for download 25.

I’ve been testing it out, and everything has been working fine for me, so the official release is being built and signed now. Feel free to test out rc1, or wait a few days for the official release (v0.21.1), which will be made available for download at 6 after it’s been signed by the devs.

Please report any issues you find with the release using github 4.

Security Fixes

As reported last month, a security vulnerability was found, which required changes to the non-interactive transaction design, and therefore changes to the consensus code. These changes have all been made, tested, and documented. 🥳

Final Reviews

Next week, I’ll be meeting with the other devs daily so we can go through the code together with a fine-tooth comb. If no critical issues are found, that should be the final MWEB code review.

MWEB Release

If the review is successful, which I’m optimistic it will be, I’ll create the first release candidate this month 🚀

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