Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee’s $4.5m Crypto Charity Lunch with Warren Buffett.




Last week Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee along with Chris Lee, Helen Hai, Yoni Assia and Justin Sun (who was the one to place the winning bid of $4.5m last year), finally sat down with Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway at the Happy Hollow Club in Nebraska, US for Lunch.

Sun spoke last year of his hope that the meeting would be a chance to “bridge the gap between institutional and traditional investors and the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.” However, after being delayed for over 6 months it began to look like the whole thing would fall through, until unannounced, Sun, posted an image of the group to his twitter feed stating:

Most delicious meal ever! Thks @WarrenBuffett for taking us to Happy Hollow Club! $4.56 MIL for a $515.05 dinner was money well spent! The insights I received are priceless. I enjoyed every bite with my friends.

Sun also gifted Buffett 2 Samsung galaxy fold devices along with 1 bitcoin stored in this public address — 3AsXDKX1etLgegepVeJbhj7WeZiypVMgdt, noting that it had already increased 16% in value.

The meal appears to have been a somewhat quiet affair all in all, with only Sun recounting the event publicly, however he does share further insights to the conversations that took place going on to write:

@WarrenBuffett believes there is great potential in #blockchain & lots of his portfolio companies are exploring it such as @jpmorgan. He is curious to see how #blockchain will play out in the payment industry in the next 10 yrs. I have lots of work in store for me he feels #Bitcoin still needs a lot of work in order to capture the value of #blockchain. I told Mr. Buffett #Bitcoin is the currency for the next generation, Mr. Buffett smiled and said “I’m sure my grandson would rather inherit my wealth in $USD.”

It appears there is still some convincing to be done before any mass institutional acceptance, but that also means there is also a lot more growth to come from this space, which is good news for current cryptocurrency investors.

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