Litecoin community moves to adopt new blue logo.

Franklyn Richards23.1.2019

Franklyn Richards


Following the successful UFC232 event, where the Litecoin Foundation first displayed a new blue alternative to the traditional grey flat/striped Litecoin logo, it appears the new design has resonated amongst the user base and begun being adopted by many within the community. The new design was created in partnership with ‘The Tokens Agency’, an Australian based design firm.

The new logo is free to use without restriction, keeping in tradition with the free and open source nature of Litecoin. The Foundation actively encourages businesses and users to adopt the new logo for brand consistency but acknowledge it is up to each business which they choose to use.

The Blue variant was originally intended to be used so that the logo stood out against the similarly grey octagon mat. However it has struck a cord and is now being shared and will soon be seen on other more prominent sites as the Foundation push for a more cohesive image across the board.

As Litecoin users and holders, we wanted to apply our creative agency’s skillset to LTC in some way. Designing for the decentralized coin — and all the complexity that came with it — also seemed like an awesome challenge, one few creative agency’s were taking on.- Robbie Coleman, Founder Tokens Agency

Robbie Coleman, who’s company, The Tokens agency did the redesign. His thoughts in the process are shown below:

After conducting a survey on /r/Litecoin — asking the community’s input, critique and feedback on Litecoin’s branding — we identified a general desire to ‘evolve’ the brand. To refine elements and retains others, namely the coin’s association with ‘speed’ and ‘trust’.

With this in mind we spent the subsequent three months going through countless iterations as a team, before compiling a 65-page brand evolution. I then flew over to San Fran for the Litecoin Summit and presented the document to a few key members of the Litecoin Foundation to get their opinion. The reception was positive, so we continued work on the Litecoin brand, as well as projects for the Litecoin Foundation.

The response to the Litecoin brand evolution has been incredible. As more people get exposed to it — and specifically the blue version we created for the UFC sponsorship — it has became apparent that the distinctiveness of the blue logo is well liked. For us, the blue illicits the notion of ‘trust’, which the community on reddit identified as important for Litecoin. It’s also the colour of calm and serenity, and as such inspires a feeling of security and safety. Plus it pops as an icon in wallets and on exchanges!

The Tokens Agency are also the group behind the recent overhaul of the Foundations website and logo, which too shares the new thinner Polish L set within a leaf shaped background to help differentiate it.

The branding guidelines for the design can be found on the Litecoin Foundation Website

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