Bitmain Release new L7 Mining ASIC.




Speaking at an event in Chengdu, China on June 19th, Bitmain, the largest supplier of specialised ASIC cryptocurrency mining hardware, announced the release of its new L7 Scrypt based mining hardware.

Colin Wu a Journalist at the event reported the new L7 purports to have a hash rate of 9500MH/s an increase of 19x from the previous generation L3+ that launched in 2017. It will require a 3425W power supply, therefore running at an efficiency of 0.36 Joules/MH and will cost a reported 100,000 Yen or ~$15,000 but comes with a 13% discount for overseas purchases. According to Coinwarz at an electricity unit cost of $0.1 per KWH the profitability on the L7 is around $100/day based on the current market value of Litecoin and Dogecoin (which is merge mined with Litecoin).

The estimated delivery for this new hardware is November 2021.

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