Litecoin.com was registered by Charlie Lee the projects creator on 2011-10-04 at 21:10:58 UTC through Google’s domain service. Lee also registered Litecoin.org which became the projects main outlet for sharing work and development updates. During this inital period Litecoin.com redirected to .org.

In 2014 the ‘Anton Yemelyanov’ a Canadian computer scientist and web developer in co-operation with the ‘Litecoin Association’, a community group formed to support Litecoin was given approval to develop .com, and in 2015 the first version of the site was released. This was a static website whose primary purpose was to showcase the many wallets, merchants and businesses active at the time. The Association would eventually disband, leaving the site without direction or an operator and over the following years the site became outdated.

In August 2018 Franklyn Richards, an individual involved in the Litecoin Project since 2013 proposed to take over the operations of the site and pay for its redevelopment. Lee agreed to the sites independant operation under Richards and thus the second version of Litecoin.com was created. The site is currently maintained and operated by Richards with help from fellow Litecoin Project contributor Loshan.