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Money for the Internet Age

Litecoin is the open source decentralised digital currency that enables near instant, borderless transactions anywhere in the world that is backed by industry leading infrastructure, technology and billions of dollars in trade volume and liquidity. Litecoin is a true tried and tested secure medium of exchange and value.

Private and Secure

Confidential Transactions (in Development) provides a new layer of privacy to payments by obfuscating the amount you send over the litecoin network and how much Litecoin you own from prying eyes. Litecoin values these personal liberties and freedoms by putting you in complete control of your money.

An Evolving, Immutable, Decentralised network

Litecoin is pioneering the latest technologies, including layer two networking to ensure it remains a decentralised, immutable and strong network ran by users for users and free from central authority. Lightning introduces a faster way to transact and Atomic Swaps introduce decentralised trade without intermediaries.

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